A credit card is required (Visa/MasterCard/AmericanExpress) to activate service. We will charge your card on file at the end of each month following completion of services. You will receive an email statement each month which you can save or print for your records.

Cancellation of Services
Consumers can cancel any time after four paid services. We kindly request as much notice as possible but require a minimum of 24 hours.

Winter Service
A monthly winter service is the most efficient way to keep on top of your property. Leaves are mulched or bagged as necessary from the lawn during the winter. If you have excessive leaves and don’t wish to wait for the next monthly visit, please call us and we will quote an additional trip charge.

Breakage of Personal Property
Any property you feel was broken by our crew must be reported to our office within 24 hours. We are not responsible for any repairs or replacement of property done without our knowledge and consent.

Personal Injury
All residents and guests of your property must stay indoors while our workers are performing their tasks. If you, your children or guests are using an area of your yard, you may choose to have that area skipped until the following week. There will be no credit for having them skip an area.

Access to Property
Our crew will require access to any locked, gated areas on the day of service. Our recommendation is a combination lock with a code that can be shared with us. Unlike a key, the combination can’t be lost and still enables the crew to complete services when you are not home. We will lock the property upon completion. If you choose to unlock the gates each week, please be advised that we will not credit your account should you forget to unlock it prior to service.

Sprinkler Systems
For best results, please do not water the night before or morning of the day we are scheduled to service your lawn.

Breakage to Sprinkler Heads
We will gladly repair any sprinkler head broken with our mowers. We carry spare heads and replace any we notice. On the occasions we unknowingly break a head, please notify us as soon as you notice it and we will send somebody out promptly to repair it. We are not responsible for third party repairs to sprinkler systems without our consent.

Please ensure any waste is picked up the evening before we are scheduled to mow. Waste pick up is not part of our services and having our employees mow through, around or step in the waste makes for a unsanitary conditions. Please ensure dogs are not in the yard on scheduled mowing days. If you choose to leave your pet out, every effort will be made to assure that they do not escape but we are not responsible if they do.

Third Party Fertilizing Companies
If you use a third party fertilizing company, we ask you to request they do not come on the day of our service and that they use a timed-release fertilizer. In addition to keeping your lawn greener in-between applications, timed-release fertilizers do not demonstrate ‘super surge’ growth 7-10 days following the application. This surge can be hard to manage, even on a weekly cutting basis, resulting in a poorer cut.
Call us at (972) 731-0979 or fill out our contact form to set up a time to discuss your landscape needs. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you a creative, beautiful and sustainable solution!